Specialist Breeders of German Shepherd Dogs Established 1969 + U.K. Kennel Club Assured Breeders
The following are a selection of dogs, which have been bred or owned by ourselves and have been influential in our breeding programme.
Name: Ch Narro von Asental SchH2 V
D.O.B: 21/01/1985
Sire: Bill v Haus Gaerra SchH3 V
Dam: Akka v d Orke SchH2 V
  SchH2 Kkl 1a V. Imported to Beinhard kennels in 1987. Belgium Vize Youth Sieger 1987.
Gained his title of UK Champion in 1989. 1st CC Mr Malcolm Griffith. 2nd CC Mr Roy Allan (SV) 3rd CC Mr Mons Meachel (SV)
Linebreeding: Canto Wienerau 3-5,5 / Quanto Wienerau 4-4


Name: Leda vom Mönchberg SG
D.O.B: 06/06/1993
Sire: Zito von der Noriswand SchH3  V
Dam: Tanny vom Mönchberg SchH1  V  
  Imported to Beinhard kennels in 1995
Dam of Beinhard Briska / Delfi / Dara / Erka / Ussa. A very influential female.
Linebreeding: Quando Arminius 4-4 /Uran Wildsteiger Land 4,4-4,5 / Palme Wildsteiger-Land 5,5,5-5,5.


Name: Blanca von Binsenfeld SG
D.O.B: 04/01/1994
Sire: Norfu v Mönchberg V
Dam: Desiree v Breidenbacher-Schloß V
  Imported to Beinhard kennels in 1996. A female with an inexhaustible character. Trained for Mountain Rescue.
Dam of Beinhard Gustl & Kalli
Linebreeding: Palme Wildsteiger-Land 4,5-4 / Nick Wienerau 4,5-5/ Urk Mönchberg 3-2 /Ziska – VA-Zasko Mönchberg 5-4,3.


Name: Schandor van Noort
D.O.B: 16/01/1990
Sire: Enzo von der Burg Aliso SchH3 FH V
Dam: Elko van Noort SchH 2 IP3 V
  Imported to Beinhard kennels in 1990
Sire of CC winning progeny
Linebreeding: Wilma Kisselschlucht 4-5 / VA Quanto Wienerau 5-4,5 / Flora vom Königsbruch 5-4


Name: Quanta vom Lauterstein
D.O.B: 03/04/1992
Sire: Quando v Arminius SchH 3 VA
Dam: Kellie vom Lauterstein SchH 3
  Imported to Beinhard kennels in 1993. From the last litter sired by “VA-Quando”
Linebreeding: VA-Lasso di-val Sole 3-3 / VA Quanto Wienerau 4-4,5 /Flora v Königsbruch 4-5