Specialist Breeders of German Shepherd Dogs Established 1969 + U.K. Kennel Club Assured Breeders

Before they met, both Barbara and David were breeders and exhibitors of the GSD, Barbara under the kennel affix "Wakemere" and David "Beinhard"  Their marriage in 1983 not only brought the 2 of them together but also a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the breed.

From this time, Beinhard has been the affix under which they have bred and shown their stock.  Not prolific breeders, but with determination to breed from the best German show/working bloodlines, the emphasis has always been to breed the all round dog, one that is sound in mind and body, strong in character and harmonious in build. 

They have won many CC's, Res CC's and Junior Warrants with their home bred stock not only in this country but abroad as well. One notable male they imported, who gained his UK Champion title in just 5 shows, was the Belgium Vize Youth Sieger Narro vom Asental SchH2  V,  a  worthy  Champion and a  credit to the breed in this country.

Continuing with their policy of importing


females of selected bloodlines, a task made easier through their many overseas connections, Dave and Barbara ensure that Beinhard can continue to breed the very best they possibly can.